Sunday, April 7, 2013

Cross A20 Review User Manual Guide Pdf

Cross A20 Review User Manual Guide Pdf - A little review of the latest products from local vendors Indonesias cross andromeda A20 which has a LCD screen with a size of 5 inches with WVGA or density resolution of 480 x 800 pixels and multi-touch screen of course. The screen is larger than the cross andromeda A25 only in Arm with 3.5-inch screen only. Multi-touch will be easier for you to perform various activities while using this phone.

Cross Andromeda A20 Price Specs,One of Indonesia local vendors that can be said aggressively to introduce their latest products to the product line of a local android phone with nice specs but still affordable.

And after some time ago to introduce their newest android phone on the market that Andromeda A25 gadget Cross country now again present to introduce their latest products to market technologies homeland with their latest android phone which was named Andromeda A20. Interested to see Price And Specification A20 Cross Andromedas this? Please see below.
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For the operating system itself uses the operating system Android 2.3 Gingerbread, the exact same is applied in the previous phone andromeda A25 and to spur the kitchen has a processor speed of 1 GHz, 256 MB of RAM, and if you are wondering how the capacity of the space provided by the A20 Cross Andromeda is the internal memory has a capacity of 4 GB and if in a sense less can also add storage capacity MicroSD memory slot up to 32 GB.

Other features are also often excluded in tuck in the cross andromeda android phones A20 These include 3MP Main Camera Plus Flash and 1.3MP secondary and Bluetooth, GSM-GSM Dual SIM, USB Tethering and Wi-FI Hot Spot Portablet. The media player that supports MP3, MP4, and 3GP. also provided the FM Radio, Audio Video Recording, GPS, Youtube, Push Email, Maps, USB and 3.5 mm audio jack HF and must also be made in modem.

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