Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Another front panel on the iPhone 5 showed up in the network

Chinese resource MyDrivers posted pictures today once the front of the smartphone, which, according to a source, belongs to a new generation of iPhone, that went out this fall. As is the case with previous images, have already appeared on the network on data from the MyDrivers photo shows the front panel of a certain device with 4-inch display. This display is made of technology "in-cell", which allows this panel to be thinner than its predecessors in previous generations of iPhone. Rumors that Apple plans to use the "in-cell" panel, in its new iPhone went for a long time, so the message did not surprise anyone MyDrivers. Recall that in-cell technique involves the establishment of sensors directly into the LCD-display, which allows you to make the entire front panel of the smart phone is much thinner. MyDrivers reports that this panel, they were able to obtain from sources close to the production lines of Apple. It is interesting that, judging by the photos provided MyDrivers (one of which can be seen in the poster of this news, their vaunted "panel from the new iPhone" is painfully reminds of the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 - You can verify this by looking at the pictures similar parts of the iPhone 4S below