Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Apple has sold 250 million iPhone smartphones

For five years, Apples managed to sell 250 million copies of its smartphones around the world. Users are not repelled rather high cost of the device, iPhone eagerly bought by people of different ages, social status and religion.

If the rounded value of a smartphone to $ 600, it is easy to calculate that the gadget is for 5 years has brought us 150 billion dollars. Sales data were known on the basis of the internal statistics of the company.

The first sales of the gadget started in 2007, counting the actual statistics, as of June 30, 2012. Just found out that the average sales of smartphones for the last three months amounted to about two million copies of the smartphone in a week. All these figures suggest that the company sold 250 million mobile phones.

It is noteworthy that the success of the company has been coldly received by different analysts. They do not believe that the Cupertino company will repeat the same success. Mobile gadgets are now more and more adjusted to the needs of developing countries, where there are not many people who can afford the iPhone. Increased and the number of similar functionality to the "apple" smartphone devices, but for a more affordable price.

We have already mentioned that the Samsung was in the last quarter to implement more smartphones than Apple. The growing influence of the competition for the fifth month, does not allow Apple shares rise in value. The positive dynamics can only begin with the release of the iPhone 5 in the arena - so analysts say.