Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Mito 600 Mini Mobile Touch DUAL Festive Offers

Mito 600 Mini Mobile Touch DUAL Festive Offers - One local producers where the Mito Mobile phone is not a smartphone but this phone is unique because the shape and design of the mini and minimal with a touch screen phone inside and was named Mito 600 Mini Touch. Mito 600 Mini Touch has a screen size of just 2.2 inches touch screen QCGA manifold. Supported networks GSM Dual SIM DUAL Standby with features like most local phone have been circulating today.

even if this phone only has a small screen size, but on the phone there is a TV tuner for users to watch TV and there is also a camera in it that has the ability to capture images and can also serve to record a video. Mito 600 Mini Touch also has a MicroSD slot that serves as an additional memory storage capacity for users. Also be supplied MP3 and MP4 player and FM radio as a feature for users mainstay in this phone, also equipped also with the Internet and social networking features currently popular today such as Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Google, Kompass, Seconds, ebuddy and opera mini. The selling price for the phones Mito 600 Mini Touch is on sale in the market at a fairly cheap price is about USD 30.