Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Apple is beginning to unprecedented verification of Chinese factories

Apple has sent inspectors to factories independent of its suppliers in order to check whether at the proper level, there are conditions. The Americannon-profit organization working to protect the rights of the Fair LaborAssociation (Fair Labor Association (FLA)) began testing vendors Apple,carrying out final assembly of products, including the notorious Foxconnsfactory in China, where the iPhone is collected 5.

According to the Apples Tim Cook, who succeeded Steve Jobs, check "unparalleled for the electronics industry, both in scope and depth of research."

In recent years, due to appear in the press articles about suicide because of bad working conditions, growing pressure on the company Apple, as well as other technology companies. Recently a petition was drawn up with the requirement to make "smart iPhone 5 that meets the requirements of morality," this petition has gathered thousands of signatures.
After the scandalous reports about the terrible working conditions and even suicides in the factories Apple was the first of the technological sector companies that have joined the Fair Labor Association (FLA). It is hoped that measures to improve the working conditions adopted by the leadership of Apple, will serve as an incentive for other well-known technology brands such as Samsung, Panasonic and Sony, to conduct such inspections in the factories where their products are going. On one of the enterprises of Foxconn workers engaged in assembling game consoles Xbox, even went to the threat of mass suicide
Inspections began yesterday morning. A team of experts on the rights of workers, headed by the President of the Association FLA Auretom Van Heerdenom (Auret van Heerden) inspects a factory in the Chinese city of Shenzhen, also known as Foxconn City: validated manufacturing workshops, dormitories and other buildings. They will speak to thousands of workers on the conditions of residence and labor issues will affect the health, safety, benefits, hours of work and interaction with management.
Inspections will undergo workshops and factories, where more than 90% going product from Apple.
The first conclusions and recommendations of the commission will be published on the website in early March this year, and the spring testing will continue.
So what is the purpose of Apple: show the entire sample or cover their tracks? Maybe all manufacturers should conduct such checks?